Monday, January 18, 2010

social asshole

Life caught up with me and I quit writing. Every time I sat down to write I would struggle with what was on my mind and not feeling comfortable writing about it on the webernet. I'm ready to move on.

My brother and I took my sister out to sushi today to celebrate her birthday.

(saying "I went to sushi makes me feel like a grown up... except I still refuse to eat anything that comes out of the water and yes that includes the seaweed the stuff is wrapped in so I go straight for the avocado and vegetable rolls with soy paper and make gag noises over the real sushi)

At some point after we got our edamame and steeped our tea and before our food arrived I pulled my ipod touch out of my purse. I'm at the mercy of any random hot spot I can find so I check anywhere I think I might get lucky. The restaurant didn't have a public network so I put my ipod down on the table and rejoined the conversation.

We sat there for about an hour talking and eating. The waiter stopped by several times to refill our waters and check on us. I was having too good of a time to notice anything going on around me.

I figured I should pack up my stuff and get my wallet ready for the bill. I turn towards my purse sitting next to me on the bench and then I see it.

A maxi pad sitting on top of my coat.

Not just any maxi pad either. MY super long maxi pad that I hastily pulled out of the bathroom cabinet and shoved in my purse as I was trying to hurry out the door making a mental note to put pads on my grocery list. I had plenty of pads, I didn't have the travel kind that are neatly folded and wrapped in plastic to keep the crap that collects on the bottom of your purse from sticking to it and making it a little more discreet. It came out of my purse when I pulled my ipod out.

There it sat, 3 feet from the person sitting at the next table sharing the bench with me. Less than 2 feet from the waiter that I thought was so nice keeping my water glass filled. 4 feet from the host that was sitting just behind my bench waiting for more patrons to come in. The only way I could have made it more embarrassing was to remove the paper backing and wear it like a sticker on my shirt.

Lesson learned. Quit being a social ass hole and karma wont have a reason to publicly humiliate me.

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