Thursday, February 26, 2009

taxes take two

We have officially had our taxes rejected. We knew it was coming but it still sucks.

Our next step was to file them again in paper form. We know they will be rejected again but the accountant says mailing in a paper copy fulfills our April 15th deadline obligation since this is likely to drag out way past April 15.

And back to the waiting game...

We have another meeting with the family therapist on Monday. I've started to question myself if we're doing the right thing bringing him. Why do I have any kind of expectation that this lady can help? Why do I think she can gain a level of Alex's trust that I don't have.

I used to feel like the stability Dave and I have here made up for the anarchy with the ED. Lately it feels like we're slowly slipping and all the hugs and kisses we give aren't enough.

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  1. Dont give up on therapy. It's helped me a lot in dealing with and understanding my separation.