Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My company has decided to move my desk to a new floor. I figured I could shed some weight and throw out anything that has dust on it.

Holy crap. My desk may looked relatively empty but apparently, it wasn't.

I have found:
  • Boy Scout popcorn expired 04/02
  • Easy Mac & Cheese expired 01/19/05
  • Policeman Pez dispenser that I haven't seen in about 5 years with one pez candy left in it
  • Sleeve of crackers from when I was pregnant 3 years ago
  • Generic ibuprofen bottle filled with what I can only assume is Vicodin
  • Comet cleaner - why in the hell would I have Comet at work?
  • My pink fuzzy gloves I thought I lost last winter
  • A picture of me, drunk, trying to climb a palm tree in Nogales Mexico while on a business trip to Phoenix
  • a pile of floppy disks that probably outweighs me
  • old-timey picture of some unknown family from the Nebraska Historical Society. Looks like they wanted the whole family so they included two horses and the cow that's standing on the roof


  1. I've got dibs on that tylenol bottle.

  2. Looks like everyone has the same idea here. So, I guess I'll just take the Easy Mac.