Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shake it

The last couple of nights Olivia has crawled up on my lap and wants to rock for the last few minutes before bedtime. The moment she gets settled her eyes start to droop.

I'm faced with the choice, keep her awake and cut snuggling short, or enjoy the moment and rock my sleepy girl until my arms fall asleep then try to hold her (still sleeping) on the toilet and get her to pee without letting her fall in.

I can't bring myself to kick her off my lap.


I was listening to my ipod cleaning up after dinner. Olivia wanted to listen to music just like me. Turning on the radio wasn't good enough, she needed earphones too.

Of course she needed earphones... and like a good mom (sucker) I spent 20 minutes tracking down a pair that doesn't fall off her head.

I clipped my little ipod shuffle I use for running on her shirt, checked the volume and crammed most of the headset cord into her shirt so she wouldn't trip on it.

I ran through a mental list of songs I had on the ipod while she danced around the kitchen and I crossed my fingers that a couple of songs wouldn't come up in the play list.

Next thing I know she's shaking it pretty good and kind of humming.

I knew exactly what she was listening to before she sang a single word.

"Shake it like a Polaroid picture"

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