Monday, February 8, 2010

34 going on 13

I find I do my best Googling while I'm sitting in the office with no one around and not much to do.

I keep a running list of things to look up, questions the kids have that I can't answer like what's the difference between an asteroid and a meteor? or random thoughts I have. The random thoughts have to be carefully worded while searching at work otherwise those stupid filters kill all of my fun.

While facebooking at work (yes I'm an asshole that does it) I read something wrong and thought it said MASH and I died laughing. I didn't think of M*A*S*H the TV show but the fortune telling game that my sisters and I spent hours and hours doing and re-doing trying to get the exact fortune we wanted to hear.

So I googled M.A.S.H. Most results came back with the TV show, except one. That one result provided me a full afternoon's worth of entertainment.

Middle School Survival (your guide to surviving Middle School)

Holy Hannah. They have quizzes like Are you are cool and confident or shy and unsure? Are you spoiled rotten? and What's your crush style?

I couldn't stop myself. I took most of the quizzes.

I spent some time with the ultimate M.A.S.H. game


and built my ideal crush.


I read through every single entry in the Hall Of Shame and was disappointed to see the OMG Message Board is not working yet.

Is it weird that I'm browsing this tween site and finding all sorts of entertainment? Meh, maybe a little, but then again I woke up this morning with two huge zits and the latest blog entry is asking for help on how to get rid of a zit or at least cover it up. Apparently I haven't left puberty after all...

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