Thursday, February 4, 2010


I should have known I was screwed the first time Alex asked for a dog. Once the first request was made they became very frequent. Even Olivia started asking for a dog. (except in her head it was going to be pink and green and a girl) The more Alex asked the more guilty I felt for saying "hell no".

I was perfectly content to be pet free. No dog shit to clean up, no dog hair to vacuum up every day, no dog food or vet bills and best of all, no dog to yank me around on a leash or try to steal food off the table.

Almost 6 months pass with frequent requests. Dave and I held firm, we like being pet free.

Then Dave starts to say "Ya know, I always liked having a dog growing up."


So we start looking for a dog but I had a few rules. I had to be able to control the dog on a leash and it WILL NOT EVER AND I MEAN EVER crap on the floor. No puppies and no small jumpy yappy little thing. Oh, and Olivia had to be OK with being around a dog.

Until this point she acted like the hand of Satan was reaching for her whenever there was anything little and furry near her. It didn't matter what it was, dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels... and babies that crawl, and puppets, and her grandpa.

It didn't take much looking and we found Charlie.


After a day with Charlie in the house I was really warming up to him. He was exactly what I wanted. Very quiet and chill in the house, he already knew many commands and liked his kennel. Dave liked that he wanted to play outside.

Last night I'm sitting in the bathroom giving the kids a bath and I hear Dave say "Charlie, wanna go down to the shop with me?" I hear his toenails clacking on the floor as he follows Dave downstairs.

The kids start to get a little louder and an absurd storyline starts building in my mind.

Oh I see... Dave wanted a dog not a family dog and I get to sit here in the bathroom giving baths to two screechy kids while Dave gets go downstairs to the quiet basement and why wouldn't the dog want to go downstairs when its quiet down there and I'm never going to bond with the dog and the dog wont like me and pretty soon he will start letting the dog in our bed and my pillow is going to get all funky and he'll have a companion and I'll have nothing but a stinky funky pillow.

Just then I feel a little nudge on my back. Charlie is standing behind me and looks me square in the face then licks my nose. I'm sure a normal person would end their illogical internal rant at that one show of affection and I did start to melt.

Then Dave walked in the bathroom to show me something he had just done in the shop.


"Cant you see I'm busy taking care of our kids while you're taking it easy hanging with the dog in the basement and I don't ever get to take a break?"

The poor guy walked into my little hornet's nest and didn't even see it coming.

I hate when I have to admit that I'm being unreasonably childish.

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