Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I am OCD about a lot of things: how towels are stacked in the closet, sorting mail by size before opening, all silverware MUST be handle side down in the dishwasher and don't bother putting dishes in the dishwasher because I'll reorganize it as soon as you walk away.

Another hangup I have is my clothes. My pants must be folded a certain way and my closet is bizarre. My shirts are hung facing the same direction and they are organized by color. When Dave does laundry, I can tell within seconds if he hung a shirt of mine or put pants away. It took a few times before he has figured out its easier on all of us if he just stacks my laundry on our bed and I put it away.

You would think with as organized as my clothes are I could get dressed quickly and generally look put together. Sadly, I have just enough fashion sense to not stand out. I quit wearing shoulder pads, I don't roll up my pant legs, safety pins are functional instead of decorative, and I've never worn a Tweety t-shirt.

Every top in my closet is a solid color and I rarely venture out shopping on my own. I stand in front of my closet for a long time trying to come up with some new way to mix it up and still end up pairing the same things together. I was proud of myself when pushed myself out of my comfort zone and bought red and pink. I am incapable of looking at a pattern and deciding if its good or not. Patterns always look fantastic when other people wear them, on me it looks as wrong as a sweater on a cat.

Yesterday was yet another example. I used Google to figure out if it was OK to wear grey and blue together or if I would look like a huge bruise.

Since I will never be wealthy enough for my very own personal stylist, I think someone needs to make Garanimals for adults.

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