Saturday, December 20, 2008

used my google-fu

What the fuck. 5 days before Christmas and our computer shits the bed. Why couldn't this happen BEFORE I was done shopping and could have given it to Dave as his present. Instead he will be getting super fancy goose down pillows to replace the chunky stinky ones he's been sleeping on for years that I cant stand anymore AND a brand new computer that he can monopolize 99% of the time. I don't really feel all that bad that he's getting a computer and pillows, I of course had to get myself matching pillows. They have been stuck in the back of my closet for a week and the longer they have sat in there the more unhappy I've gotten with my current pillows.

Shopping for the new computer sucks. 5 different windows open comparing all of the different models and one more just to hunt for coupon codes cuz I'm a cheap bastard. Using my google-fu I was able to find enough online coupon codes to knock off almost $100 from the total and get myself free 2 day business shipping. Hell yes.

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