Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hobbit feet

Sweet Jesus I have hobbit feet.

The past few days have been warm enough to ditch the lesbian sturdy boots I've had to wear since I was released from the fugly boot and put on some sorely missed strapy sandals.

I got dressed in the dark both Monday and Tuesday morning...

While sitting in the foot dr's office waiting for him to come in, I slipped off my sandal and glanced at my foot.

HAIRY FUCKING TOES and toenails that could be mistaken for claws.

I was horrified enough to pluck my feet as soon as I got into the office.

seriously, who the fuck has to pluck their feet? apparently me.

maybe I should check my back.


  1. I shave my toes, and the tops of my feet when necessary. I just like them to look all smooth. I guess that makes me hobbit-ish, too.