Wednesday, August 19, 2009


When we took Alex to his new school last week for Back To School night I wanted to turn around and walk back out. All of the kids looked so HUGE.

I was blown away as we made our way to his classroom. When did elementary schools start needing lockers?

I didn't have to wake him up on his first day of school, he was too excited to sleep in. I didn't have to push him to eat breakfast or to get dressed.

We took pictures, walked to his classroom. Hugged him and kissed him and left him.

Dave and I spent the next 6 and a half hours anxiously waiting to pick him back up. We fought every urge to go to the school and just peek.

Yesterday, his second day of school was a little easier. We had done it once and I didn't have to worry about him making it through the day.

Today was the hardest yet. Parents were supposed to stay outside. No more walking him into his classroom. He was on his own.

We pulled up to the curb, I got him unbuckled, handed him his backpack and lunch box, made sure he knew which way to go and watched him start for the doors.

HOLY FUCK. THOSE AREN'T KIDS. THEY'RE NBA PLAYERS. The kids streaming into the school looked even bigger than they did on back to school night.

I didn't cry on the first day but I did today. I held it back long enough for him to walk through the school doors then let loose. It felt so wrong to drop him off at the curb and see the apprehension on his face every time he turned around to see if we were still there.

Two hours left before I can go get him. Back to watching the clock.

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