Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am so uptight today.

As if taxes were not stressful enough, the Egg-Donor is furious that she can't claim Alex. She and her boyfriend have decided that our offer to give them the difference between what they actually file and what they would have received if they claimed Alex isn't fair. Something about they're both claiming head of household and they also want to be the recipient if there is another stupid stimulus package.

Alex's insurance is through my job and the only way we can keep him covered is if he is on our taxes. The legal parenting plan Dave the Egg-Donor agreed to and signed states Dave will claim him every year.

Dave argued with her for about an hour last night. He couldn't get it through to her the problems she will cause. She thinks its totally acceptable to drop him off of my insurance and put him on medicaid and have him see doctors through the ER or at the free clinic.

She is off and running today as fast as she can to H & R block to file her taxes complete with Alex as a dependent.

We will ALL end up getting audited and she has herself convinced the IRS is going to "take her side" because she has claimed him in the past AND they need the money more.

Dave will be meeting with our tax guy today and will have to warn him.


I HATE HATE HATE HATE this. I feel like David Banner trying to suppress my inner Hulk when really I just want to punch something (her) as hard as I can.

I'm thinking we should take her to small claims court after this is all done to make her pay for any accountant fees we incur because she's so effing stupid.

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