Friday, April 24, 2009

the dirtiest word of them all

How many times in one day can I say "What the Fuck?"

The ED called Dave to figure out how to handle transferring Alex back to us. She was planning on dropping him off at our house but 3 hours early.

Dave: "ok"

ED: "I'm getting my hair done then I have an interview for a J-O-B cuz we need the M-O-N-I-E"

So that is what constitutes a dirty word in your house. All regular swear words and racist statements are thrown around without a second thought but HEAVEN FORBID you say the dirtiest word of all. job.

A few minutes later Dave gets a call from the place she has an interview with and the ED is beeping in again. The interviewer says she will call back in a few minutes.

ED: "I forgot to tell you I put you down as a reference but I don't remember what I said you were. It was either clergy or instructor. Say nice things bout me OK?"

I hit the roof and ranted and raved for a few minutes until the interviewer calls back.

Dave: "***** is my son's biological mother. I do not feel like I can have an unbiased opinion about her reliability"

She might have to continue looking for a J-O-B.

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